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Benedetto and Giovanni Scalabrini are the founders of the company Scalabros and the related e-Shop

After more than ten years of experience in the sales departments of important companies operating in the field of buses, trains, special vehicles,  and after the big economical crisis in 2008, we decided to put together our experiences and started our own company as sales agents in the same segment: in 2008 we founded the Scalabros SRL, acting as sales agency and representation of components and fittings for buses, trains and special vehicles.

The first products were led lights, roof-top ventilators, heating systems and sliding windows, air-conditioning and bellows for articulated buses

Thanks to a 10-years-old experience, the knowledge of the Italian, European and non-European markets, we built-up trustful relationships with our customers. The company was successful from the very beginning, despite the difficult economic period.

The 2008 economical crisis brought its effects till the new economical crisis of 2012 but again exactly then, we took a revolutionary step forward, becoming manufacturers of our own roller blinds for buses and caravans and emergency and ventilation roof hatches. A new brand came strongly on the market: SPARTACOS.


Crisis are a testing ground, an opportunity for development, a challenge that we accepted also in 2020, after the oubturst of the global Epidemic, we expanded our production, adding medical devices such as medical face masks, medical shoe covers, surgical gowns and surgical caps. All products are hand-made by us and certified

Our production, which originally was destined only to companies and operators of the field, now it’s diversified in different fields and is aimed both to B-to-B and to B to C businesses.

Our experience, the knowledge of the market, the choice of raw materials suppliers and the craftsmanship of our products, allow us to produce with dedication and care 

– for the market of professionals (buses, trains and special vehicles)

– for the private market (campers and travellers)

– for the healthcare and family market (health protection)

Benedetto e Giovanni Scalabrini

In March 2020 our e-commerce website was founded, where everyone can buy our products

Our Philosophy

We understood immediately that, in order to be successful on competitive and globalized markets, having high quality products with competitive prices and a continuous technological research is not enough and you need also to know foreign cultures and languages. Thanks to our cosmopolitanism and adaptability, our partners and us were able to be successful in such moment of crisis, where we have to deal with stiff competition coming from low-cost-markets.

This philosophy and attitude inspire our new productive activity.

A revolutionary plan, consisting of an experienced team, focused on listening to the customer, innovation and promotion of Made-in-Italy, brought us to obtain new certifications and win prestigious national and international customers, as well as the 2012 Prize for innovation and Research from the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna.

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