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Rolling awning 180×180 (70,86”) for vans, caravans, trucks and off-road.


Awning 180×180 cm (70,86”)
Use: vans, off-road, SUV, trucks, cars with roof tent
How to assemble: hooking to the roof-bars
Material: Aluminium and high-quality, waterproof and light cloth

Rolling awning 180×180 cm (70,86”) for vans, caravans, trucks and off-road

The Scalabros awning can be mounted on every type of vehicle, because it hooks onto the roof-bars.
The type of assembly onto the roof-bars allows to use the bars for the load. At the same time, the awning can be used when the roof-bars are fully loaded.
It’s light, practical and fast in the assembly and it can be mounted also by one person.

Details of the awning

  • Width 180 cm (70,68”), Depth 180 cm (70,68”)
  • The rolling awning can be pulled to any intermediate length
  • The poles are telescopic and can extend from a minimum of 90 cm (35,43”) to a maximum of 245 cm (96,45”) and there are numbered marks which enable a perfect vertical and horizontal alignment of the poles
  • The feet of the awning are studied to be fixed on the ground with pegs
  • The poles are telescopic have a sharp heel which helps its grip on hard ground such as pavement
  • The Scalabros awning, when it’s closed, it does not intrude because the cassette, which is fixed to the roof bars, contains the cloth, the poles and the peg bag.

Attention for the assembly: in order to mount the awning, the roof bars need at least 7 cm (2,75”) of free surface to fit the horizontal holding brackets. If your roof bars are shorter, we can provide you with the “extensions for roof-bars”

Download the brochure and the technical features

Many accessories are available as optionals

Assembly tutorial of the awning + front and lateral walls

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