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Self-adhesive standard material per meter, 0,90m high (35,43”)

Self-adhesive material for glasses
Material: Standard fabric
Application: self-adhesive
Suitable for any vehicle
Sold by the meter
Height of the fabric: 90cm (35,43”)

Self-adhesive material per meter, 0,90m high (35,43”)

The self-adhesive standard material is suitable for obscuring every kind of glass, window or windshield, of truck, van, caravan or car.
You can order the required quantity at the available height you prefer, then you need to shape and cut it with scissors depending on your needs.

Advantages of the self-adhesive material per meter

The Scalabros self-adhesive material can be easily applied on any type of window or windshield thanks to its self-adhesive surface, by pushing away the air bubbles between the material and glass.

The other surface is coated with a smooth film. This fabric prevents condensation from forming in winter.

The darkening of the vehicle with the self-adhesive material, allows to reduce by 10% the internal heat, when a vehicle is parked in the sun.

Maintenance of self-adhesive material

In order to ensure a perfect adhesion of the self-adhesive material, it is necessary to apply it on a clean glass.
The material’s properties are mantained just by cleaning it from the dust with a wet sponge.

TUTORIAL: how to build the glass shapes and cut the self-adhering blackout fabric

Weight 5 kg


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