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Window with mosquito net and Crystal rollable shutter


Crystal rollable shutter with mosquito net for awing wall
Material: high-quality, transparent and tough fabric
Rollable shutter which can be closed with zippers, sewn mosquito net
Rubber bands for the fitting of the open rollable shutter
Available only in pairs

Window with mosquito net and Crystal rollable shutter for veranda

The lateral walls for veranda have a standard pair of transparent sewn windows, non-opening and in Crystal

As an option you can order sewn mosquito nets with transparent Crystal rollable shutters, which can be rolled in order to have better air exchange without the nuisance of annoying insects.

The shutters are closed with zippers, but you can also keep them open and rolled up with specific rubber bands.

The material of the windows is of high quality and thickness, in order to ensure a perfect transparency and efficiency over the years.

Available only in pairs

Weight 3,100 kg


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